Short Information

Medienhaus Wien is a private organisation that focuses on research and further education. It works towards enhancing professionalism and quality management in the media.

Partners Andy Kaltenbrunner, Matthias Karmasin, Alfred J. Noll and Astrid Zimmermann work with the Medienhaus Wien team in the fields of:


We conduct hands-on research on current and future issues in the fields of media and journalism in Austria and worldwide.

Our fields of interest are journalism, newsroom convergence, media ethics, international comparative media research, film/cinema studies and science communication (including science journalism). Medienhaus Wien participated in the EU founded RP7 (precursor program of Horizon 2020) project MediaAcT. Within this project, we were responsible for the final policy briefing, the dissemination of the research results and the transfer of knowledge from science to public.


Medienhaus Wien has created many new educational concepts, curricula and developmental strategies for journalists and media managers – e.g. the Executive Master’s program in International Media Innovation Management (IMIM), the curriculum for Viennas first academic BA ad MA programmes for journalists at Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHW) and for media producers at Fachhochschule des BFI (both: Vienna). From 2010 - 2011 the Medienhaus team developed the concept for a new training association for media professionals, Austria´s today leading journalism academy "fjum - Forum Journalismus und Medien" which also closely cooperates with the "Global Editors Network".

Our data-base gives an overview about more than 200 eductaional programs for journalists in German speaking countries.


Our international studies, papers, and workshops boost quality development in media clusters, policies, firms, and institutions.

For our studies, we collaborate with a network of international experts in the fields of science, education, and media. These experts come from institutions like the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg (Florida, USA), the University of Elche (Spain), the University of Eichstätt (Germany).

In Austria we closely cooperate in research projects and conferences with the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies (CMC) of the Academy of Sciences.

Our scientific work features practical topics. Our publication series “Journalists’ Reports” raises the bar in Austrian journalism research, and the empirical data collected have been quoted in international research.

From 2010 to 2014, the Hedy Lamarr Lectures (a Medienhaus Wien series focused on social studies) has featured many guest speakers, such as Pippa Norris, Saskia Sassen, Phil Meyer, Sree Sreenivasan, and Kurt Imhof.

Our international "Journalism 2020" conferences brought together international media experts and scholars discussing the future of journalism, e.g. Alan Rusbridger, Wolfgang Blau, Phil Meyer, Sylvia Egli von Matt, Nic Newman.